American truck simulator 2016 Download

American truck simulator 2016

American truck simulator 2016 is a natural reaction after two successful episodes in Europe and is, of course, the same formula, but on another continent. In addition to the map, the trucks are different, allowing you to enjoy different American models and see what they are capable of. American truck simulator 2016 gameplay there are some other important changes you should know, but not all are positive. To start with, the map is incredibly important because you do not want to get bored after just a few hours of driving. Fortunately, designers have done a great job this time, especially regarding the cities you visit. American truck simulator 2016 latest version Most of them have famous sights such as Golden Gate Bridge or many other buildings.

American truck simulator 2016 download

On the other hand, the actual map is smaller than the Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is a bit unfortunate because it means your travels take less time. The mechanics of the game are the same regarding simulation and real driving, with some minor differences. American truck simulator 2016 download If you are in favor of the details, you may notice some inconsistencies in the simulations, but they are not serious enough to spoil the gameplay. That’s why each truck is different, and you can customize it for different components if you want to customize your trip.

As always, graphics are improved, though not much. American truck simulator 2016 review difference is clear when it comes to the amount of detail in textures and the environment, but the real engine remains the same. American truck simulator 2016 system requirements True, more detail and variety of scenery means that the experience is much more engaging, which is exactly what you want in a road game.

American truck simulator 2016 review

In conclusion, the American truck simulator 2016 latest version download may not be a revolutionary improvement over its predecessors, but in this case, it is a change of scenery. Therefore, if you liked the previous games in the series, it should also be part of your library.

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