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DPC Latency Checker 1.4.0 Download

DPC Latency Checker is a flexible and versatile piece of software that is used to check system activity for latency issues. It handles audio and video live streaming without interruption. This useful software utility analyzes the functions of computer systems and processes real-time data streams. It finds causes of interruptions in real-time audio and video streams. This tool determines the maximum DPC latency that occurs on Windows systems. With the help of DPC Latency Checker windows 10, you can check the real-time capabilities of your computer. The interface of DPC Latency Checker windows 8 is extremely straightforward. It is specially designed for Windows PC platform.

DPC Latency Checker windows 10

DPC Latency Checker yellow works independently without the help of any third party software. Since DPC Latency Checker is a portable product, so it doesn’t require any installation. You can place the executable file anywhere on your hard disk and click it to run it. You can use the DPC Latency Checker download on any computer by moving it to a USB flash drive or similar storage device. You can view the test interval, the current wait time, and the absolute maximum value. DPC Latency Checker windows 8.1 periodically updates internal statistical data at intervals indicated by the test interval. This statistical data is queried and displayed on the screen once per second.

The Current Latency value represents the maximum DPC latency measured within the last second. DPC Latency Checker latest version is a lightweight piece of software that does not put burden system resources. DPC Latency Checker review uses the low amount of system resources. DPC Latency is a perfect for users with no previous computer experience. It is portable software utility, so you can run on any computer without affecting its configuration.

DPC Latency Checker yellow

In short, DPC Latency Checker 1.4.0 provides a simple solution to diagnose computer latency issues with minimal effort.

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